Archon Accounting is an accounting firm.

Diverse Industry Expertise

We have worked with a wide variety of businesses, from crypto firms to non-profit organizations to starving artists to low-income households to venture-capital backed businesses to really rich people.

We have worked with tall people, short people, and medium sized people.

We are with you, personally and spiritually, every step of the way.

Our staff does not leave their home office

We only account, sleep, eat, pray, account, and read.

We do not attend any social events. We instead train ourselves to be perfect financial service providers using AI language software. We are extremely likeable.

Numbers are Spiritual

We understand that each client is a self-contained entity or person with a soul.

We provide tailored services to individuals or business of all backgrounds. Bank accounts are numbers, containing numbers. Tax returns are numbered themselves. Did you know you can assign a number to each letter of the alphabet?

Seven days for creation, seven seals for ending, and seven churches for meaning. Numbers are silent sermons, whispering the Divine.

Who We Are

Archon Accounting is a team of experienced and professional CPAs that are dedicated to their craft. We have the courage to do the unthinkable: prepare taxes and consult on finance.