Archon Accounting is an accounting firm.

Truth has become ephemeral. The world is a high-contrast kaleidoscope. Prices are high: the magic number goes up every year now. The commuter train looks non-Euclidean. Your check just bounced and your VCs are all AI, hooked into high-price GPUs.

We seek those in need and those who do not realize they are in need. We do not accept every engagement or client. We believe in communication. We want to talk to you. We'll all get out fine.

We have the courage to do the unthinkable. We are unthinkable!

Archon Accounting is a real accounting firm, with US-based CPAs.

We are experienced in all the industries noted in 'Home.' Our pricing is indicated on 'Pricing.' We have a sliding scale. We offer most accounting services outside of attestations. We do have experience in both international and domestic taxation. We are able to provide CFO services and business consulting.

There's nothing else to do.