Archon Accounting is an accounting firm.

Pricing Methodology and Trivia

Do you make less than $250,000 per year in gross income as an individual?

Nearly all Archon clientele below this threshold pay, on average, $250 for a Form 1040 filing that includes any simple schedules (Schedule C in particular).

But Archon, what if I have a weird state return because I just moved to Los Angeles from New York City then moved to Austin all in the same year?

What if I have confusing crypto transactions numbering in the thousands? What if I really got scammed on that last rug pull?

What if I make over $250,000 and rent out properties in Southern Utah for Zion vacationers? Archon, what if my taxes are silly complicated?

At Archon, we believe that everyone is always feeling poor. Often, one of our staff will pass a man wearing a Brioni suit. It is perfectly ironed. The man is on a phone. The man will say, angrily, "I am completely out of my money!"

This means that we, for every client, will require one 15 to 30 minute consultation [free] for any new clientele. While it is likely that your pricing will be below $500~, we do price by engagement and by client complexity.

To book an initial consultation, please do so using the link below.